Sale Horses

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All Foals By CM Nonstop Nitro, Fire On Bug and Platinum Bully are eligible for FUTURE FORTUNES, TRIPLE CROWN 100, CORNHUSKER, BRIF, 5-STATE, VGBRA, & Colorado Classic! FIRE ON BUG and CM NONSTOP NITRO are also eligible for BBR Select Stallion StakesĀ and Platinum Bully for Southwest Desert Classic.

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Registered Name Picture Breed Date of Birth Color Gender Sire Dam
$15,000-A Dynamite Dynasty AQHA May/17/2016 Sorrel Stallion CM Dynamite Frost Tight Wrap si 103
$5000- Bubblin Ta Fame x Betta Silver Chick AQHA May/15/2018 Sorrel Filly Bubblin Ta Fame Betta Silver Chick
SOLD $6000- Bubblin Ta Fame X SO Shes Special Gin AQHA May/22/2018 Sorrel Stud Colt Bubblin Ta Fame SO Shes Special Gin
$20,000- CM Bronsins Legacy AQHA Jun/5/2014 Brown Gelding Pc Bronsin Dynamite Jen
$5000- CM Bubblin Redbull AQHA May/11/2017 Sorrel Gelding Platinum Bully Nonstop Miss Mary
SOLD $7500- CM Fire On Bubblin AQHA May/12/2017 Palomino Filly Fire On Bug Bubblin Mystick
$10,000- CM Firen For Ray AQHA Jun/15/2017 Sorrel Stud Colt Fire On Bug JKR Harems Assured
$7500- CM Nitro By Design AQHA May/19/2017 Sorrel Gelding CM Nonstop Nitro KB Angel By Design
SALE PENDING- $10000- CM Nitros Buckstitch AQHA May/29/2016 Buckskin Mare CM Nonstop Nitro DGB Missy Lena Drift
$6000- CM Nitros Red Hotrod AQHA May/20/2017 Sorrel Filly CM Nonstop Nitro CM Sak Em A Bronsin
$4000- CM Nonstop Nitro X CM Dynamite Sis AHQHR Jun/1/2018 Bay Stud Colt CM Nonstop Nitro CM Dynamite Sis
$5500- CM Nonstop Nitro X CM Frosted Tivio AQHA May/13/2018 Bay Filly CM Nonstop Nitro CM Frosted Tivio
$6000- CM Nonstop Nitro x DGB Missy Lena Drift AQHA May/25/2018 Buckskin Stud Colt CM Nonstop Nitro DGB Missy Lena Drift
$5500- CM Nonstop Nitro x Hersheys Promise AQHA May/30/2018 Black Filly CM Nonstop Nitro Hersheys Promise
$6000- CM Nonstop Nitro x MC Charlie AQHA May/8/2018 Grullo Filly CM Nonstop Nitro MC Charlie
SOLD $7500- Fire On Bug x Bubblin Mystick AQHA May/22/2018 Palomino Stud Colt Fire On Bug Bubblin Mystick
$5000- Fire On Bug X Busy Try N Ta B Cute AQHA May/18/2018 Bay Filly Fire On Bug Busy Try N Ta B Cute
$6500- Fire On Bug X CM Dashin Bronsin AQHA Jul/1/2018 Palomino Stud Colt Fire On Bug CM Dashin Bronsin
$7000- Fire On Bug x CM Special Shake AQHA Jun/12/2018 Sorrel Stud Colt Fire On Bug CM Special Shake
$10,000- Fire On Bug X Dreams Miss Beehavin AQHA May/17/2018 Palomino Filly Fire On Bug Dreams Miss Beehavin
$5000- Fire On Bug x Just Plain Olivia AQHA May/25/2018 Buckskin Filly Fire On Bug Just Plain Olivia
$5000- Fire On Bug X Shinetta Lena AQHA May/19/2018 Sorrel Filly Fire On Bug Shinetta Lena
$6000- Fire On Bug X Smooth Bubblin Bling AQHA May/3/2018 Palomino Stallion Fire On Bug Smooth Bubblin Bling
SOLD $10000- Nitros Royal Perks AQHA May/26/2016 Gray Gelding CM Nonstop Nitro Dance N Go
SOLD $4000- Platinum Bully X Duallys Frosted Kat AQHA May/18/2018 Red Roan Filly Platinum Bully Duallys Frosted Kat
$4500- Platinum Bully x Dynamite Jen AQHA May/22/2018 Bay Stud Colt Platinum Bully Dynamite Jen
$6000- Platinum Bully X Pretty Much Nonstop AQHA Aug/1/2018 Black/Blue Roan Stud Colt Platinum Bully Pretty Much Nonstop
$7500- Platinum Bully X YU Nonstop Sierra AQHA May/8/2018 Red Dun Stallion Platinum Bully Yu Nonstop Sierra