Mary & Chuck, is with great joy that I inform you that CM FLIT BAR FROST has been awarded by the Panama Quarter Horse Association (AQHA-Panama) as the Best Roping Horse of the National Calf Roping Championship 2011 (Its like NFR in the states). In this event, which is the ultimate roping event in Panama involving more than 200 horses for 5 days of competition, each horse and rider have 20 turns and then 20 cowboys go to the Finals. Once in the finals they only have two turns for a total of 22 turns throughout the tournament. El FROST caught all his calf with an spectacular average of 2.84 seconds per run and his rider one of my horse trainer (Jose Delgado) got the NCR Best Roper 2011 Championship.
The people said that horse is amazing looks like a 10 years old horse, quiet, intelligent and fast. The announcer shouted through the microphone….. And now the turn is for Jose Delgado of Rancho Paraiso on the backs of CM FLIT BAR FROST…just a baby 2 year and 8 months old, he is imported from CRAGO QUARTER HORSES…..heellllllllllooo South Dakota, then Jose and Frost did their work as usual in just 2 seconds and something, again and again….this pair are simply phenomenal.
We took really good pictures once I get some in hand I will send it to You. Thank you Mary for the opportunity to have such a great quarter horse. “The legend began to be born in Central America” We are working on a Video-presentation to load it into our website and you tube, so people can see it…its will be a a very complete slides-video presentation with text and pictures showing his dam and sire of course whit all the credits of Crago Quarter Horses….will be something special, will be a presentation to launch him as the modern roping-rodeo quarter horse, once is ready I will send it to you.
Answering your question, yes people like him a lot, they say is amazing how this baby can do this…….One of the Hall of fame ropers here in Panama ( 66 years old today) and whose made his career as a professional roper for 20 years in Oklahoma and Texas, said :
……This kind of events are for 7 to 15 or 20 years old horses that can work under pressure….he works like 10 years old roping horse……I guarantee you that with a good tie down roper in the States this horse we will be in the NFR championships for 10 years in a row…..this is what I call a roping horse-machine…Believe me I know what I’m saying.
Next month there is a real big invitational in one of the best fairs here in Panama, I’m planning to register him to compete, is a good opportunity to campaigning him.
I told you Mary I’m going to make him a living legend, he deserves it.

Kind Regards