This is CS Miss Kitty Hancock, she’s granddaughter of Bronsin, she’s our everything horse! We head, heel, tie goats, breakaway and pickup on her, she’s broncs and bulls, she’ll pull a bull like it’s a corriente steer! I’ve won a lot on her heeling and so has my dad (Howard Nichols) and Dan and she’s heading to Gonzales, TX to TX State Jr. High finals with Taysi Peterson to tie goats on. Also forgot Dan was reserve NFR Pickup Man ’07 too, he rode both horses all year last year and he’s also been 7x TCRA Pickup Man of the Year riding these horses, it’s the Tx Cowboy Rodeo Assoc., biggest amateur. association around I believe. The full sis to Harley, she’s jet black, we were running out of time for her this year so decided to breed her a year. We also have the other full brother to them in training right now, he’s making a nice one too.